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About Reach...

Reach is the brainchild of leading Sky Sports presenter Sarah Stirk who believes that the path for women to reach the top of their careers has far too many barriers and obstacles. Having built up and recently sold her executive golf travel business, she is now focusing on helping other women achieve their ambitions

Sarah summarises her vision for Reach as

“Equality and diversity are so important in today’s world and I’m passionate about equal opportunities and rights for women, particularly in the sporting and business worlds. Reach will continue the momentum shift in this topical area by providing a collaborative community of aspirational women and building key allies with corporate brands who share the same values”.

The result of all this is that Sarah has formed Reach - a new platform that is building a community fundamentally based on COLLABORATION to help women of all ages and backgrounds to reach their short, medium and long term goals.

Reach in the news...

Sarah speaks at The R&A Women's Golf Charter Launch


Sarah meets:

Annabel Mullen

Leader of Advance Together


Sarah meets:

Kate Nicholls

CEO of UK Hospitality


Sarah meets:

Afua Hirsch


Sarah meets:

Gemma Greaves

CEO of

The Marketing Society


Sarah meets:

Diane Young

Co-Founder of The Drum


Sarah meets:

Caroline Hazlehurst,

General Manager



Sarah meets:

Nicola Horlick,

CEO of Money & Co


Sarah meets:

Lara Morgan

Entrepreneur and Founder

Pacific Direct


Sarah meets:

Wanita Bardouille

Creative Director

Ralph Lauren


Sarah meets:

Jackie Simmons

 Executive Editor

Global Business, Bloomberg LLC


Sarah meets:

Angela Holdsworth

Writer and TV producer


Sarah meets:

Eleanor Mills


Sunday Times Magazine


Sarah meets:

Gemma Oaten

Actress and

Patron of SEED


Sarah meets:

Gillian Merron

Chief Executive, Board of

Deputies of British Jews


Sarah meets:

Janet Hills

Chair of Black Metropolitan

Police Association


Sarah meets:

Syreeta Brown

Managing Director, Global

recruitment, Citi


Sarah meets:

Tangy Morgan

Senior Advisor

Bank of England

Reach vision...

Reach has a vision which sees women reaching their career and life goals unhindered by inequality and traditional preconceived ideas and misconceptions. The Reach vision sees collaboration at the forefront of this, bringing together a like minded community of aspirational women.

The vision is not only to help women but to assist companies and organisations understand and engage with modern practices. We are keen to demonstrate the power of social change when it comes to equality and diversity and support the women leaders of tomorrow in their aspirations.

Reach community...

The Reach Community is a diverse entity with women from all sectors of industry, the media, start ups and culture, all sharing their experiences, ideas, knowledge and contacts to empower others.

Reach summit...

Over 70 leading business women from the world of industry, media, the arts and sport will come together at the third Reach Women’s Leadership Summit to explore how working together can help unlock their potential, enabling them to fulfil their ambitions.

We have held two amazing summits this year at Woburn Golf Club ahead of the AIG Women’s British Open (1-4 August 2019), and our first Reach at Hilton at the Ageas Bowl 2-3 October 2019

Planning for our 2020 Summits has already started and we welcome applications to attend. Attendance is completely free but we do have limited numbers so please try not to be too disappointed if you don’t hear back from us

Supporting partners

Driving Equality

Top leaders from some of Britain’s most influential and successful companies are helping to ensure progress for greater female representation in business. There is also a huge amount of momentum for equal pay, backed by government support.

Summit aims

  • To provide a unique and inspiring networking opportunity around a women’s professional golf event.
  • To empower women at a key time for diversity and equality in the UK.
  • To hear from accomplished and entertaining experts in their field.
  • To provide a forum in which women with boardroom experience can offer the benefit of that experience to the next generation of women leaders.
  • To provide key leadership skills training and development.
  • To contribute to a stronger business environment, which in turn means greater economic growth.

Key summit themes/talks

  • An examination of the last 100 years since Women won the right to vote.
  • Facilitated literature / research review on women in sport, business, the arts and politics.
  • Open “goldfish style” discussion on selected topics.
  • The importance of diversity and equality.
  • Why does inequality exist and how are things changing?
  • Breaking the glass ceiling.
  • Women on boards – the rise in female representation.
  • What makes a good leader?
  • Next generation leaders and the role of the mentor.
  • What can business learn from sport and vice versa?
  • The work/life balance and getting it right.
  • The art of confidence.
  • Pay equality
  • Who are the Women leaders of the future?

What they said about the 2017 summit...

I came back to work hugely invigorated and enthused after the Summit. So it was very timely to have a discussion with such an eclectic group to look at how we can continue to press forward, and I think the Summit will be a helpful tool in that going forward.

Kate Nicholls
Chief Executive, THE ALMR

I came away with a renewed energy to keep pushing at the barriers that exist for women, wherever they exist. It was inspiring to meet so many successful women from different industries which gives me real hope for the future – a future in which one’s gender is irrelevant to success in leadership.

Georgina Usher

CEO, British Fencing

Reach out...

  • The Reach Summit sponsored by the R&A, join us as a delegate.
  • Executive coaching and mentoring - Reach out to our people.
  • The Reach Podcast, featuring interviews with some of the UK’s most successful women.
  • Reach events where the theme is always collaboration and sharing insights and knowledge.
  • Campaigning - Reach believes in making the world more aware of the issues that mean most to ambitious women

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