REACH The Next Generation Summit comes to Salford: September 18th 2021

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Reach is the brainchild of leading Sky Sports presenter Sarah Stirk who believes that the path for women to reach the top of their careers has far too many barriers and obstacles. Having built up and recently sold her executive golf travel business, she is now focusing on helping other women achieve their ambitions

“Equality and diversity are so important in today’s world and I’m passionate about equal opportunities and rights for women, particularly in the sporting and business worlds. Reach will continue the momentum shift in this topical area by providing a collaborative community of aspirational women and building key allies with corporate brands who share the same values”.

Our vision

Reach has a vision which sees women reaching their career and life goals unhindered by inequality and traditional preconceived ideas and misconceptions. The Reach vision sees collaboration at the forefront of this, bringing together a like minded community of aspirational women.

The vision is not only to help women but to assist companies and organisations understand and engage with modern practices. We are keen to demonstrate the power of social change when it comes to equality and diversity and support the women leaders of tomorrow in their aspirations.

The Reach Community is a diverse entity with women from all sectors of industry, the media, start ups and culture, all sharing their experiences, ideas, knowledge and contacts to empower others.

REACH Podcasts

Sarah meets: Annabel Mullen, Leader of Advance together
Sarah meets: Kate Nicholls, CEO of UK Hospitality
Sarah meets: Diane Young, Co-Founder of The Drum
Sarah meets: Caroline Hazlehurst, General Manager Deliveroo
Sarah meets: Nicola Horlick, CEO of Money & Co
Sarah meets: Lara Morgan, Entrepreneur and Founder Pacific Direct
Sarah meets: Wanita Bardouille, Creative Director Ralph Lauren
Sarah meets: Jackie Simmons, Executive Editor Global Business, Bloomberg LLC
Sarah meets: Angela Holdsworth, Writer and TV producer
Sarah meets: Eleanor Mills, Editor Sunday Times Magazine
Sarah meets: Gemma Oaten, Actress and Patron of SEED
Sarah meets: Gillian Merron, Chief Executive, Board of Deputies of British Jews
Sarah meets: Janet Hills, Chair of Black Metropolitan Police Association
Sarah meets: Tangy Morgan, Senior Advisor Bank of England
Sarah meets: Syreeta Brown, Managing Director, Global recruitment Citi