The REACH Next Generation Summit 2021

The Next Generation

The Second REACH NEXT GENERATION summit for girls 11-15 years old will be held in Salford on Saturday 18th September 2021 where a series of high profile speakers will host sessions on topics that are hugely important to early teenage girls:

Where they can talk about their ambitions and hopes for their careers as they think about their future.

Where they will hear from and talk with women who have a story to tell.

Where they can openly discuss their thoughts in a completely “safe space”


Summit Aims

  • To provide a unique and inspiring opportunity to meet girls from all backgrounds
  • To empower women leaders of the future of the future at a key time for diversity and equality throughout the World.
  • To hear from accomplished and entertaining experts in their field.
  • To provide a forum in which women with boardroom experience can offer the benefit of their experience to the next generation of female leaders.
  • To provide thought leadership and opportunity to address their concerns.
  • To empower the girls so that they can be whoever they want to be.
  • To create a very special group who will act as ambassadors and inspirators for the next generation.


The summit will be held TalkTalk’s new Headquarters at The Soapworks in Salford.

Session leaders

You will hear from successful women from all walks of life:

Leaders in Sport, Fashion, Music, Business, Charities, Nutrition, Human Rights and Social Media will all be there to create conversations and provide thought leadership

Our anticipated programme will be.








Arrival and registration

Morning sessions

Lunch (will be provided) and make some new friends

Afternoon sessions

Afternoon tea (will be provided) and make more new friends

Final sessions followed by a live performance

Summit ends

Thank you to our sponsors

Listen to our Podcasts where we chat to some amazing women about their careers and their tips for young girls as they think about their futures

Reach NextGen meets: Lucia Marcuzzo, VP and Managing Director for Levi Strauss in Northern Europe
Reach NextGen meets: Mandy Hickson – Former RAF Tornado pilot
Reach NextGen meets: Mary Keane-Dawson – CEO Takumi
Reach NextGen meets: Nuala Walsh – Founder of Mind Equity
Reach NextGen meets: Sarah Stirk – Founder of Reach
Reach NextGen meets: Vanessa Sanyake – Founder Girls Talk London
Reach NextGen meets: Wanita Bardouille – Former Creative Services Director, Ralph Lauren
Reach NextGen meets: Yvonne Greeves – Director of Women in Business, NatWest
Reach NextGen meets: Alison Edgar – The Entrepreneur’s Godmother
Reach NextGen meets: Alison Oliver – CEO UK Youth Sport Trust
Reach NextGen meets: Anya Hindmarch – Best known for her fabulous handbags of course
Reach NextGen meets: Caroline Culme Seymore – People and Operations Director, BCG Digital Ventures
Reach NextGen meets: Caroline Hazelhurst – VP Bird Scooters
Reach NextGen meets: Caroline Nokes – MP for Romsey and Southampton North
Reach NextGen meets: Eleanor Mills – Founder Noon
Reach NextGen meets: Emma Ballard – Editor, Women in Golf Magazine
Reach NextGen meets: Gaia Barcilon – International Human Rights Lawyer
Reach NextGen meets: Heike O’Leary – Group Head of Marketing, Haines Watts
Reach NextGen meets: Karen Bosher – Managing Director, Greene King
Reach NextGen meets: Katy Leeson – Managing Director, Social Chain
Reach NextGen meets: Kelly Simmons – Director of Womens Football at the FA
Reach NextGen meets: Lara Morgan – Entrepreneur